Post-Surgical Pain Relief – Buying Co-Codamol Online

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There are some fantastically strong painkillers on the market. I actually had some when I had surgery. After I woke up after the procedure, I felt pretty light like nothing has happened, except the fact that I was completely covered in bandages so I knew something had happened but luckily I couldn’t see what.   The most comforting thing was that I didn’t feel a thing. I felt even calmer than I usually do like coming out from a spa or something similar. I am sure the doctors used a strong painkiller, like morphine or something similar.  Morphine is the granddaddy of painkillers and many of the most popular painkillers such as Tramadol and codeine are either synthetic copies of an opiate or derived from them.

The difference when the effect passes

But soon, I could actually feel the difference the painkiller made when it started to wear off and pain started to rip through my body. Now I understand why they used them. I mean I had a really big cut on my abdomen and it would take a while to healed. And the fact that the tissue was destroyed by the surgery was causing me severe pain. But it all went away when the nurse came and gave me another dose. It worked like magic.

Post-Surgical Treatment

Of course I needed more painkillers even after I left the hospital since I had a long way to go before I was fully recovered. Luckily today you can buy painkillers online, even prescription painkillers like Tramadol, Dihydrocodeine and Co-codamol.  My doctor recommended co-codamol which is a combination of codeine and paracetamol.  The dose I was recommended was 30mg codeine to 500mg paracetamol.  I understand that this is often used after surgery because it is very effective.  I live in the UK and it is quite legal here to buy co-codamol online even through it contains codeine which is a narcotic in the US.   After a little work with my search engine,  I found a site that was a licensed pharmacy where I could buy co-codomal as either a  generic (a bet cheaper) or under various brand names such as Kapake, Solpadol etc.  In the end, I went for the generic and I got the shipping and the doctors consultation (prescription) included in the cost of the medication.  Pretty good deal.  Actually, when I first got home after the surgery I had difficulty just walking around because of the pain.  So having my painkillers arrive by next day delivery straight to my home was a godsend.  All I had to do was to open my door to sign for them. I think this is great and of real help for anyone in my situation.

Online Pharmacies – The Business of Pain

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Pharmacies always looked to me as being a very profitable business, due to the fact that they sell products that are very necessary to people, and in many cases even lifesaving. People will always find funds and resources to invest in their health, even if that means buying in a constant supply of medicines.  So with computers playing such an important role in modern life, it’s inevitable that online pharmacies will go from strength to strength. People choose to order from online pharmacies because the prices are usually better and because it’s more convenient and comfortable to do it this way. But in any case, the online pharmacy is going to come out on top.

A modern way to treat yourself

No matter what kind of medicine you need, they have it. You can find painkillers online, treatments for common cold, birth control pills and the list goes on. Although I believe that painkillers are the most popular medicine, because I don’t think there is a person in this wide world that doesn’t experience pain at some point.  And when they do, their first though is to go online and buy painkillers to get the pain out of their system so that they can restore their usual state of mind and resume daily activities. People are not happy when they are in pain, so if paying a moderate amount of money will get rid of this bothering problem so be it, and painkillers will be bought.

Online sales and medicine

Online medicine business happens in the very similar way to any kind of business. Orders are processed and then shipped to the client. Respectable licensed online pharmacies will always offer the best advices for their customers, as the activity there are unrolling has its risks. People tend to auto medicate and that is not always the best solution. So having an online consultant to ask any potential question may be very helpful in avoiding buying the wrong treatment.

Painkillers – The World’s #1 Medicine

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Evey one gets pain sooner or later. We all suffer in the same way – more of less. We suffer from common problems like headaches, tooth aches, period pains and from more severe pains, like fractures, surgeries or pain caused by various diseases such as arthritis. Under these circumstances the potential painkiller list is very long, including a very variety of medicines created to reach and cure all of these afflictions in  effective and safe ways with minimal damage to our bodies.

Something that no one likes to endure

No one likes pain and when it happens we all want to make it go away very fast and never come back. It simply ruins our day and destroys our happiness. So sooner or later we all end up at the doctors or at the pharmacy and we find we have to buy painkillers. I am sure that most people always have in the house at least one type of painkiller – usually an OTC medicine like aspirin of paracetamol –  ready to be used in pain emergencies. I believe painkillers must be the most commonly used class of medicines throughout the worldwide, simply due to the fact that no one can tolerate pain. Of course some people  are  more resistant than others, but sooner or later even those guys  reach for a painkiller.

Most commonly used medicine

How can we not use painkillers when  pain brings our lives to a standstill, when it stops us from doing what we like? I want my life to be happy and fulfilling, not shadowed by pains. So more than once I have found myself running to a pharmacy to buy painkillers for different kind of painful condition,  hoping in my heart that soon my suffering will be over and that just getting that painkiller will do the trick. Isn’t this the case for most of us.

How to handle Severe Pain

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Every one of us suffers from pain sooner or later. The majority of us have already experienced multiple painful traumas or diseases of different types.  Pain is usually considered to be acute (like a broken leg) or chronic (like arthritis).  It is surely the most common symptom of accidents and diseases and it can have more causes than I can possibly get to here.  But no one needs to suffer pain when there are available on the market a large variety of painkillers every one specially designed to cope with some class of pain. Some of them you can easily buy from any pharmacy, so called OTC or over the counter painkillers – and for some of them you need a doctor’s prescription.  This is mostly for very strong and addictive painkillers like Tramadol and Cocodamol that are designed for very special cases.

Prescription or no prescription

You can buy painkillers for a headache or stomach ache from any of the pharmacies you might pass by during the day. The pharmacist will be more than happy to come in your aid by recommending something suitable for your problem. These kinds of painkillers are pretty weak.  That’s why no prescription is needed to get these – although you should still use them carefully and as directed. Some painkillers on the other hand are very strong and have narcotic effects and cannot be dispensed without a prescription. They are designed for severe health problems and, for instance, if you want to buy painkillers uk, you can get Co-Codamol as an OTC medicine or as a prescription medicine depending on the strength. The 30/500 co-codamol definitely needs a medical prescription.

All in the name of health

I believe it is a right thing to do to get a prescription when talking about medicines with strong effect. If they end up in the wrong hands they can do more harm than good and even kill people. So they should be only used for what they were originally designed for and that is to deal with severe pain.

Painkillers – Pain Relief vs Addiction

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Today we can find on the market a great number of painkillers that were developed to come in our aid when we are in pain and want to  make it go away. Since this is a feeling that we mostly do not like to experience (except for masochists I suppose), there are many worldwide buyers of painkillers.  In fact, it’s a huge market.  And for the most part, it is something affordable that most of us can buy straight from a pharmacy, even an online pharmacy, without having a specific prescription from the doctor (as this can often be supplied by the pharmacy)

Unfortunately it is a need

Due to rapid rhythm of life and the modern lifestyle itself, we tend to experience more often the more common forms of pain – such as stress headaches and back pain.  That is why many of us buy painkillers and so we already know which one can do the job best in our personal situation. Due to busy schedules we also tend to do more and more of our shopping online, and this includes medicine. We actually prefer to buy painkillers online because of the price, lack of time or even because it’s just simpler this way. Whatever way we do it though,  painkillers are unfortunately an essential part of our lives.

Improvement not addiction

Because painkillers are so ubiquitous, they are sometimes misused.  Whether this is simple OTC medicines or prescription painkillers, taking to many of them can lead to addiction and even death.  Getting strong painkillers onli8ne with no prescription is really handy for some with a genuine need for them, but if this facility is abused, as it is by others, then the consequences can be very negative.  So we all have to be really careful not to create a habit by taking painkillers whenever we feel  something is bothering us. Because soon our body will get used to the dose we are taking and the effect will drop off, so  we will need to increase dosage and that’s how people get addicted to painkillers.