How to handle Severe Pain

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Every one of us suffers from pain sooner or later. The majority of us have already experienced multiple painful traumas or diseases of different types.  Pain is usually considered to be acute (like a broken leg) or chronic (like arthritis).  It is surely the most common symptom of accidents and diseases and it can have more causes than I can possibly get to here.  But no one needs to suffer pain when there are available on the market a large variety of painkillers every one specially designed to cope with some class of pain. Some of them you can easily buy from any pharmacy, so called OTC or over the counter painkillers – and for some of them you need a doctor’s prescription.  This is mostly for very strong and addictive painkillers like Tramadol and Cocodamol that are designed for very special cases.

Prescription or no prescription

You can buy painkillers for a headache or stomach ache from any of the pharmacies you might pass by during the day. The pharmacist will be more than happy to come in your aid by recommending something suitable for your problem. These kinds of painkillers are pretty weak.  That’s why no prescription is needed to get these – although you should still use them carefully and as directed. Some painkillers on the other hand are very strong and have narcotic effects and cannot be dispensed without a prescription. They are designed for severe health problems and, for instance, if you want to buy painkillers uk, you can get Co-Codamol as an OTC medicine or as a prescription medicine depending on the strength. The 30/500 co-codamol definitely needs a medical prescription.

All in the name of health

I believe it is a right thing to do to get a prescription when talking about medicines with strong effect. If they end up in the wrong hands they can do more harm than good and even kill people. So they should be only used for what they were originally designed for and that is to deal with severe pain.