Painkillers – The World’s #1 Medicine

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Evey one gets pain sooner or later. We all suffer in the same way – more of less. We suffer from common problems like headaches, tooth aches, period pains and from more severe pains, like fractures, surgeries or pain caused by various diseases such as arthritis. Under these circumstances the potential painkiller list is very long, including a very variety of medicines created to reach and cure all of these afflictions in  effective and safe ways with minimal damage to our bodies.

Something that no one likes to endure

No one likes pain and when it happens we all want to make it go away very fast and never come back. It simply ruins our day and destroys our happiness. So sooner or later we all end up at the doctors or at the pharmacy and we find we have to buy painkillers. I am sure that most people always have in the house at least one type of painkiller – usually an OTC medicine like aspirin of paracetamol –  ready to be used in pain emergencies. I believe painkillers must be the most commonly used class of medicines throughout the worldwide, simply due to the fact that no one can tolerate pain. Of course some people  are  more resistant than others, but sooner or later even those guys  reach for a painkiller.

Most commonly used medicine

How can we not use painkillers when  pain brings our lives to a standstill, when it stops us from doing what we like? I want my life to be happy and fulfilling, not shadowed by pains. So more than once I have found myself running to a pharmacy to buy painkillers for different kind of painful condition,  hoping in my heart that soon my suffering will be over and that just getting that painkiller will do the trick. Isn’t this the case for most of us.